Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Funeral Cost

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends are often confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral - all of which must be made quickly and often under great emotional duress. What kind of funeral should it be? What funeral provider should you use? Should you bury or cremate the body, or donate it to science? What other arrangements should you plan? And, as callous as it may sound, how much is it all going to cost?

Listed below is the approximate funeral cost for services and burial. Prices may vary depending on area (metropolitan or rural).

Most Common Funeral Services and Cost

Professional Charges $1,200
Embalming $400
Other preparations $150
Visitation/viewing $315
Funeral at funeral home $350
Funeral Home transferring $160
Hearse (local) $180
Service car/van $90
Acknowledgement cards $15
Casket $2200
Vault $800

Subtotal $5,860

Burial Cost

Cemetery plot $2000
Opening and closing the grave $850
Headstone or marker $1500

Subtotal $4,350

Total Funeral and Burial Cost $10,210